Exposed Aggregate

What Exactly is Exposed Aggregate?

Exposed aggregate is a decorative form of concrete where specialised stones and oxides in the concrete come together to create a feature effect in the concrete where the top couple of millimetres is washed off revealing the stones.

What if I don’t know what colour I want?

Exposed aggregate comes in a variety of mixes ranging from light concrete with dark stones to dark concrete with light stones and everything in between. Reeds can even put together a graphic composite of what the surface will look like using a photograph of the area, so you can see the end result and make up your mind prior to any work commencing.

Where is Exposed Aggregate suitable?

Exposed aggregate is an extremely good option for all aspects of residential concrete from the driveway, carport, alfresco area, around the pool and footpaths as it is goes in at a minimum of 25mpa, a higher strength to general concrete. It also acts as a feature for any area with the ability to be a contrasting aspect of an area or the feature itself.

What about the cost?

Exposed aggregate costs, as exposed aggregate is a high end product it is invariably more expensive than standard concrete or liquid limestone, but you will get bang for your buck as it invariably increases the appeal of the area it is poured. You can be the standout in your street, the envy of your friends or simply enjoy your new space yourself- however you look at it exposed aggregate is worth the extra investment.

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